Jonah Crab Claws

Is It Wild or Farmed? Jonah Crabs are wild caught.

Where is it fished? Jonah Crabs can be found from Nova Scotia to northern Florida, but are most abundant from Georges Bank to North Carolina.  The Lobster Place sources Jonah Crab Claws from Maine.

How is it fished?  Jonah Crabs are caught by baited traps.

Where does The Lobster Place Source it? The Lobster Place procures Crab meat primarily through suppliers like Douty Brothers Seafood, (Portland, Me) and Rome Packing.

Is it sustainable?  The Jonah Crab fishery has only recently emerged along the northeast Atlantic coast, and as a result there is little known about the population status.

For more information, visit the following sites:

Monterey Bay Aquarium - Jonah Crabs

What is the flavor/texture profile? Flaky, white meat with a super sweet aftertaste.

How do I Cook it?

Jonah Claws with Sherry

Jonah Crab & Whole Grain Mustard Remoulade

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