Live Lobster

Market Names: Northern Lobster, Atlantic Lobster, Maine Lobster

Is It Wild or Farmed? Lobster is wild caught.

Where is it fished? American Lobsters are found in shallow water, especially in rocky areas where they can hide, from Labrador to North Carolina on the east coast.  The American Lobsters that The Lobster Place sources are from Maine and Canada.

How is it fished? American Lobsters are fished commercially primarily through the use of traps.

Where does The Lobster Place Source it? The Lobster Place procures Lobster from distributors in New England like JP's Shellfish, Douty Brothers Seafood, and Garbo Lobster.

Is it sustainable?  Populations of North Atlantic Lobsters in the Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank are healthy and no overfishing is occurring. The North Atlantic Lobster fishery is well managed in both the U.S. and Canada.

For more information, click on on the following links:

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What is the flavor/texture profile?  Sweet, tender, cold water hard shells.

How do I cook it?

Boiled Maine Lobster

Grilled Lobsters - Aragoste Alle Brace

Stuffed Lobster

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