Smoked Whitefish

Is It Wild or Farmed? Whitefish is wild caught.

Where is it fished? Whitefish live in the cold deepwater lakes of the northern United States and Canada. The majority of the Whitefish used in our Smoked Whitefish comes from the Great Lakes.

How is it fished? Whitefish is primarly fished through the use of gillnets.

Where does The Lobster Place Source it? The Lobster Place procures Smoked Whitefish from Samaki Smoked Fish.

Is it sustainable?  Whitefish have supported a commercially important fishery in the great lakes for over a century.  Despite a severe decline in population in the mid 1900’s, restoration projects and good fishery management have restored whitefish populations to healthy and abundant levels.  Gillnet fisheries remain a cause for concern due to by-catch, so trap net fisheries are considered the most sustainable.

For more information, visit the following sites:

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What is the flavor/texture profile? Flaky texture and a lightly smoked, delicate flavor.

How do I Cook it?

Smoked Fish Dinner

Horseradish Mayonnaise

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