Soft Shell Clams (Steamers)

Is It Wild or Farmed? Soft Shell Clams are wild caught.

Where is it fished? Soft Shell Clams are found in Western North Atlantic coastal areas from the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence to Cape Hatteras, NC, with heaviest concentrations in the Georges Bank,  New Jersey, Southern Long Island, and the Delmarva Penninsula. The Lobster Place primarily sources Soft Shell Clams from Long Island to Maine.

How is it fished?  Soft Shell Clams are caught by hand at low tides.

Where does The Lobster Place Source it? The Lobster Place procures Soft Shell Clams primarily through distributors like JP's Shellfish.

Is it sustainable?  While little is known about the population size of soft shell clams, steamer clam populations are considered to be stable.  Steamer Clams reproduce after 1 year and live as long as 7-12 years.  The majority of Steamer Clams are harvested using hand rakes, which is much less damaging to the seafloor than hydraulic clam dredges.

For more information, visit the following sites:

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What is the flavor/texture profile? Tender, sweet w/ a taste of the ocean.

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