West Coast Oysters

Is It Wild or Farmed?  The majority of Oysters consumed are farmed and we sell a farmed product at The Lobster Place. 

Where is it farmed?  Oysters are farmed throughout the world.  Kumamotos are farmed in California, and Fanny Bays and Eagle Rocks are farmed in British Columbia, Canada.

How is it farmed? Osyters are farmed suspended in floating bags or are farmed on the sea floor.  They are typciall harvested by hand.

Where does The Lobster Place Source it? The Lobster Place sources Oysters from distributors like Marinelli Shellfish and JP's Shellfish.

Is it sustainable?  Like other bivalves, farming methods for Oysters are environmentally sound. Oysters do not rely on fishmeal or fish oil as part of their diet, rarely have diseases making chemicals or antibiotics unnecessary, and help to improve the surrounding water quality by cleaning tiny particles and debris.

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What is the flavor/texture profile?

Kumamotos (CA): Small & creamy - a noticeable cucumber flavor.

Kusshis (WA): Similar to Kumos - ultraclean, delicate flavor.

Eagle Rocks (WA): Plump & meaty w/ a clean ocean salt flavor.

Hamma Hammas (WA): Firm & salty w/ a light, cucumber finish.

Barron Points (WA): Sweet & fruity w/ a soft, plump texture.

Fanny Bays (BC): Medium salinity, firm texture and fruity finish

Sister Points (WA): Medium-salty flavor w/ a cucumber-like finish

Calm Coves (WA): Sweet flavor & a noticeable melon-like aftertaste

How do I Cook it?

Oysters Baked with Bacon, Red Pepper and Shallots

Raw Oysters on the Half Shell

Crispy Fried Oysters with Chilli-Corn Sauce

Oysters Rockefeller

Grilled Oysters

Shrimp and Oyster Po' Boy
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