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We have some really nice tripletail coming in from Panama for the weekend.  Tripletail is called tripletail, because, well…. it has three tails.  They’re notoriously difficult to catch, but their super sweet meat is well worth the trouble.  Most anglers will tell you they’ll gladly toss the rest of their catch to get their hands on a tripletail.  Happy eating!

Specialty Items 

Blood Clams, MA
Blowfish Tails, MD
Haddock, MA
King Salmon, WA
Rock Crab Claws, CA
Sea Urchin, CA
Shad Roe, VA
Soft Shell Crabs, MD
Uku, HI

Oyster Lineup

Beau Soleil, Miramichi Bay, NB
St Simon, La St Simon Bay, NB
Irish Point, Hunter River, PEI
Lady Chatterley, Northumberland Straits, NB
Flying Point, Maquoit Bay, ME
Gurnet Creek, Duxbury Bay, MA
Merry Oysters, Duxbury Bay, MA
Standish, Duxbury Bay, MA
Sweetneck, Katama Bay, MA
Rocky Nook, Kingston Bay, MA
Watch Hill, Winapaug Pond, RI
Oyster Ponds, Orient Bay, NY
Widow’s Hole, Peconic Bay, NY
Peconic Gold, Peconic Bay, NY
Sexton Blonde, Great South Bay, NY
Cape May, Delaware Bay, NJ
Wildling Bastards, Great Bay, NJ
Ship Shoals, Magothy Bay, VA
Wild Cat Cove, Little Skookum Inlet, WA
Pearl Point, Netarts Bay, OR
Kumomoto, Humboldt Bay, OR

We hope you'll stop by this weekend and take advantage!  Stay tuned next Thursday for another edition of specialty items.  Please note that occasionally items listed will not make it to our store due to weather or unforeseen supply issues.



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