Crab and Beer Boil @ Cull & Pistol and Weekend Specialties 7.9.15 July 08 2015 Posted in

The sweltering humidity has officially hit the East Coast.  While AC will do just fine to cool you off, we advocate a healthy dose of seafood and beer.  Lucky for you, we’re throwing the first ever Blue Crab and Beer Boil on Sunday July 19th at Cull & Pistol.   $59 will get you unlimited old bay blue crabs and bottomless pitchers of Narragansett for 2.5 hours.  To make a reservation for the 5pm seating click here.  Hope to see you there!

Specialty Items 

Albacore, HI

Atlantic Mackerel, MA

Blowfish, MD

Kajiki, HI

King Salmon, AK

Monchong, HI

Opah, HI

Sea Urchin (Live), CA

Sockeye, AK

Soft Shells, MD

Sturgeon, CA

Tuna Belly, HI

Oyster Lineup

Beau Soleil, Miramichi Bay, NB

Wallace Bay, Wallace Bay, NS

Caribou, Northumberland Strait, NB

Little Shemogue, Shemogue Bay, NB

Wiley Point, Damariscotta River, ME

Flying Point, Maquoit Bay, ME

Plymouth, Plymouth Bay, MA

Pleasant Bay, Little Pleasant Bay, MA

Standish, Duxbury Bay, MA

Hog Neck, Peconic Bay, NY

Cape May Salt, Delaware Bay, NJ

38 North, St Mary’s River, MD

Kushi, Deep Bay, BC

Eld Inlet, Eld Inlet, WA

Wolf Beach, Totten Inlet, WA

Sun Hollow, Hood Canal, WA

Kumomoto, Humboldt Bay, CA

We hope you'll stop by this weekend and take advantage!  Stay tuned next Thursday for another edition of specialty items.  Please note that occasionally items listed will not make it to our store due to weather or unforeseen supply issues.



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