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Happy New Year to all.  We’ve been lacking in the blog posting due to the holidays, but we’re coming strong for the New Year.  This week we’ll have some amazing Pacific Saury from Japan.  Sauries are small with dark, meaty, rich-flavored flesh that provides bone-free fillets.  They’re most abundant in the late autumn and winter and are caught using Japanese technique of attracting them by lights and scoop-netting them.  Sauries are great on the grill, but also stand up well to a nice braise. 

Check out this grilled saury recipe 

Specialty Items 

Albacore, HI
Cod Cheeks, Iceland
Dover Sole, Spain
Pacific Saury, Japan
Parrotfish, Brazil
Sea Urchin, CA
Stone Crab Claws, FL
Turbot, Spain


Oyster Lineup

Beau Soleil, Miramichi Bay, NB
Cascumpec, Cascumpec Bay, PEI
Indian Creek, Malpeque Bay, PEI
Wiley Point, Damariscotta River, ME
Pemaquid, Damariscotta River, ME
Plymouth, Plymouth Bay, MA
Mystic, Long Island Sound, CT
Rams Island, Long Island Sound, CT
Peconic Gold, Peconic Bay, NY
Sexton Blonde, Great South Bay, NY
38 North, St Mary’s River, MD
Pickering, Pickering Passage, WA
Wolf Beach, Totten Inlet, WA
Kumomoto, Humboldt Bay, CA


We hope you'll stop by this weekend and take advantage!  Stay tuned next Thursday for another edition of specialty items.  Please note that occasionally items listed will not make it to our store due to weather or unforeseen supply issues.



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