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The first day of spring is next Monday, but it sure doesn’t feel like it.  While we can’t get rid of the dirty slush for you, we can transport you to nicer climes via some incredibly fresh fish options from Hawaii.  This weekend, we’ll have opah belly, tuna belly and wahoo, all hook and line caught in the pristine waters of Oahu. 

Specialty Items

Atlantic Dory, MD
Cod Cheeks, Iceland
Cod (Skrei), Norway
Monchong ,HI
Opah Belly, HI
Sea Urchin (live), ME
Sea Urchin (live), CA
Shad Roe, SC
Stone Crab Claws, FL
Tuna Belly, HI


Oyster Lineup

Irish Point, Hunter River, PEI
Cookes Cocktail, Malpeque Bay, PEI
Cape Spear Salt, Northumberland Strait, NB
Wallace Bay, Wallace Bay, NS
Pemaquid, Damariscotta River, ME
Nauti Pilgram, Plymouth Bay, NB
Thatch Island, Barnstable Harbor, MA
Wellfleet, Wellfleet Harbor, MA
Mystic, Long Island Sound, CT
Rams Island, Long Island Sound, CT
Fishers Island, Block Island Sound, NY
Chef Creek, Deep Bay, BC
Cortes Island, Strait of Georgia, BC
Graham Point, Pickering Passage, WA
Capital, Spencer Cove, WA
Hammersley, Hammersley Inlet, WA
Kumamoto, Humboldt Bay, CA


We hope you'll stop by this weekend and take advantage!  Stay tuned next Thursday for another edition of specialty items.  Please note that occasionally items listed will not make it to our store due to weather or unforeseen supply issues.



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