Alaskan Shrimp Season and Weekend Specialties 10.5.17 October 04 2017 Posted in

We’ve got exciting product news to share!  This weekend we’re getting the first shipment of the Alaska shrimp season.  We’ll have fresh coonstripe shrimp and spot prawns caught by the Mikkelsens, a father and son team, fishing out of the Prince William Sound. Not only are both of these shrimp super sweet and tasty, they’re also well regulated by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to ensure sustainable population stocks.  The season is typically very short, no more than two weeks.  Once the harvest levels have been reached, the season shuts down.  Come on by for a rare treat!



Specialty Items

Coonstripe Shrimp, AK
Grey Sole, MA
Rock Crab Claws, CA
Sea Urchin (live), CA
Spot Prawns, AK
Whiting, MA


Oyster Lineup

Beau Soleil, Miramichi Bay, NB
Cookes Cocktail, Malpeque Bay, PEI
Savage Harbour Blonde, Savage Harbour, PEI
Wallace Bay, Wallace Bay, NS
Ring Point, Damariscotta River, ME
Glidden Point, Damariscotta River, ME
Belon, Casco Bay, ME
Nautilus, Bagaduce River, ME
Nonesuch, Scarborough River, ME
Plymouth, Plymouth Bay, MA
Wee Viking Point, Pleasant Bay, MA
Duxbury, Duxbury Bay, MA
Paines Creek, Cape Cod Bay, MA
Wellfleet, Wellfleet Harbor, MA
Watch Hill, Winapaug Pond, RI
Mystic, Long Island Sound, CT
Fishers Island, Block Island Sound, NY
Oyster Ponds, Orient Bay, NY
Widow’s Hole, Peconic Bay, NY
Peconic Gold, Peconic Bay, NY
Cape May Salt, Delaware Bay, NJ
Cortes Island, Strait of Georgia, BC
Nootka Sound, Nootka Sound, BC
Capital, Spencer Cove, WA
Bald Point, Hama Hama River, WA
Wolf Beach, Totten Inlet, WA
Kumomoto, Humboldt Bay, CA


We hope you'll stop by this weekend and take advantage!  Stay tuned next Thursday for another edition of specialty items.  Please note that occasionally items listed will not make it to our store due to weather or unforeseen supply issues.



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