Lobster Place Wholesale Valentine's Day Weekend Update 2/12/16-2/15/16 February 11 2016 Posted in

*** We will be open and making deliveries on Monday, 2/15/16. Just a heads up though that many of the trucking companies are not operating Sunday night in observance of President's Day and the Hunts Point Market will be closed as well because of the national holiday. With Valentine's Day and President's Day falling on the same weekend, we expect that product will be very tight going into Monday. We anticipate it will be a very busy weekend and strongly encourage you to order what you need for the weekend to be delivered tomorrow to ensure you get what you need. ***

 Direct from the desk of our purchasers, here's the latest news in the seafood market to get you ready for the holiday weekend: 

 Lobster production has slowed down over the past several weeks as many fishing areas have closed until the Spring and supply has tightened up significantly. Lobster prices are up again for the coming week because of Valentine's Day but we expect costs will start to level off in the next couple weeks. All the same, we're in good shape across all sizes of lobster, with plenty of product arriving at our warehouse for the weekend.

 We're in good shape on North Atlantic Groundfish with the following varieties arriving at our warehouse for the weekend: Hake and Pollock landed in Chatham, MA on F/V Carol Marie, Monkfish and Skate Wing landed in Chatham, MA on F/V Pilgrim, Norwegian Cod (Skrei), Wild Halibut, and Sterling Farmed Halibut.

 Jumbo Black Bass has tightened up over the past few days and we were NOT able to track any down for tomorrow. We're going to try our luck at the market tonight but if we're not able to find any, best subs will be 3-4 LB Black Bass Bleederz ($8.95/LB), 1-2 LB Black Bass, 2-4 LB American Red Snapper, or 2-4 LB Farmed Striped Bass.

 Apart from the Jumbo Black Bass, we're looking good on the Mid-Atlantic Fish options for the weekend, with a solid amount of Wild Striped Bass, 1-2 LB Black Bass, 3-4 LB Black Bass Bleederz, Golden Tilefish, Jumbo Fluke, Bluefish, and Porgies arriving at our warehouse tonight.

 Over the past few weeks we've started to bring in Black Bass Bleederz from some artisan fisherman that use traditional fishing techniques to deliver fish that are above and beyond what you'll find in the market. These beauties are all rod & reel caught fish that were landed in Point Pleasant, NJ on F/V Shear Water. They're bled-out fish and are absolutely pristine. $8.95/LB Gross Weight

 We're in good shape on Southern Fish for the weekend, with plenty of American Red Snapper, Red Grouper, Fresh Mahi Mahi, Spanish Mackerel, Catfish, Mako Shark, and Open Blue Farmed Cobia coming in tonight and available for delivery tomorrow.

 Salmon prices are still high as farms in Canada and Europe are between harvest cycles and supply has tightened up significantly. We expect prices will remain strong for the next few weeks until the next generation of fish reach market size.

 Our Organic King Salmon supplier was a bit ambitious and sent us too much fish this morning so we're running a special through the weekend to move out the product. $7.95/LB

 We're looking good on Salmon and Trout options for the weekend, with fresh shipments of Aurora Salmon, Organic King Salmon, Atlantic Salmon, Scottish Salmon, Brook Trout, Red Meat Irish Trout, and Arctic Char coming in tonight and available for delivery tomorrow.

 Let's talk about Oysters... If you need oysters for the weekend, we strongly encourage you to order what you need for the weekend to be delivered tomorrow. The oysters we have coming in tonight are all we'll have for the weekend and as soon as they're gone, that's all she wrote. Plan ahead and get your oyster orders in ASAP!!

 We're looking good on Fresh Crabmeat options for the weekend, with a solid amount of Fresh Maine All Leg (Peekytoe), Fresh Jonah Combo, Fresh Jonah Cocktail Claws, Fresh Blue Lump, and Fresh Blue Jumbo Lump arriving at our warehouse tonight.

 Production on Blue Crabs in Indonesia has improved over the past few months and we've started receiving shipments of Pasteurized Blue Lump and Pasteurized Blue Jumbo Lump Crabmeat over the past several weeks. It's a fantastic product and a good option for anyone looking for something that's not quite as expensive as the Fresh Blue Crabmeat coming out of Louisiana.

 In case you missed the newsletter we sent out last week, we're running a contest for a chance to win a trip to Panama. The Top (2) Customers to buy the most Open Blue Farmed Cobia between 2/8/16-4/30/16 will win an all expenses paid trip to Panama to visit the fish!! If you have any questions about the contest please let us know. If you'd like more info about the fish please click on this link: Open Blue Cobia

 We're getting a small shot of Fresh Spanish Dover Sole 400-600g and Fresh Spanish Turbot 400-600g for anyone looking for something special for their V-day menu. But get your orders in early because these are sure to move quickly!!

 We're also getting some Live Diver Scallops and Razor Clams in tonight from Wellfleet, MA.

 Also, we'll have a decent amount of California Uni and Maine Uni coming in tonight and available for delivery tomorrow. 

 Specialty Items that we'll have on hand for the weekend include Live Diver Scallops, Razor Clams, Maine Uni, Vana (Frozen Maine Uni Tongues), California Uni, Fresh Spanish Dover Sole, Fresh Spanish Turbot, Fresh Marinated Escargot (Snail Meat), and Tuna Bottarga.

 Also looking good for the weekend are Dry Sea Scallops, Peruvian Bay Scallops, Fresh Rock Shrimp, Fresh North Carolina 16/20 Head-off Shrimp, Tuna, Swordfish, Fresh Squid, Branzino, Dorade, and Live Oysters