Ocean Watch — Tuesday, September 29 September 29 2014 Posted in

2lb and larger hard shell lobsters extremely hard to come by right now.  We have 1.75 pounders available for those of you looking for a larger lobster.  The prices of the limited amounts of 2's and 3's we are seeing continue to climb.
Jumbo Black Sea Bass landings are few and quantities are extremely low, driving prices through the roof.  There are 1-2lb fish available.  A more reasonable option is Wild Striped Bass.  New York boats are finally landing stripers and the price is good, these are a great value right now!  Other items that are down in price are Fresh Mahi Mahi and Jumbo Fluke.
Red Snapper is very tight right now, we are only seeing a few landings per day.
With respect to Ground Fish, looks like we're in another week of limited Pollock.  We are seeing fish but quantities are down compared to usual availability. Prices are way up, rendering Hake the better option.