Ocean Watch — Tuesday, September 23 September 23 2014 Posted in

Tuna prices are down this week.  We are seeing beautiful local product caught off of Maine in the Gulf Stream.  Our pristine #1 Tunas are bright red with a nice fat content.  But don't forget about Tuna 2+.  If you are not using tuna for sushi, a nice cut of beautiful 2+ tuna loin may be just right for your application.
Ground fish varieties, such as Cod, Hake, Pollock, Skate Wing, and Monkfish Tails, are notorious for fluctuating on a daily basis, in terms of price and availability.  While we are seeing a good amount of Large Cod and fair amounts of Large Hake,Pollock remains tight and expensive.  The price has held firm
and product has been limited through the beginning of the week.  I will have a better idea of the weekend Pollock outlook by tomorrow.  If you are willing to take Cod or Hake instead of Pollock, I recommend doing so.
Mid-Atlantic fish is looking good.  We have plenty of Jumbo Fluke and the price is down.  We are also finally seeing a good amount of Wild Striped Bass, some of which are locally landed right here in New York!  Large and Jumbo Black Sea Basscontinue to be a problem.  Fish is limited and extremely expensive.  We are getting limited product but we recommend you take Red Snapper as an alternative.
Fish out of the South has remained fairly stable.  Red Grouper is in good supply.  We are seeing a slight decrease in landings of Domestic American Red Snapper this week but I expect us to be able to source enough 2-4 and 4-6 pound fish for the remainder of the week and weekend.  Fresh Mahi Mahi is now available.