Ocean Watch — Tuesday, August 26 August 26 2014 Posted in

Cod has become very limited and difficult to procure.  Expect to see possible price increases here towards the end of the week.  Supply is good on other Ground Fish, such as Hake, Pollock, Monkfish, and Skate.
Domestic American Red Snappers could be tight for tomorrow but we will be seeing more, fresh product in, coming out of Apalachicola, Florida for Thursday sales.  Joining these American Reds for the ride up to the Bronx are some beautiful Golden Tile Fish and Red Grouper...all domestic and all as fresh as can be.
The lobster market has firmed up considerably. Canada is closed for hard shells until October 15th.  Consequently, there is a great demand for domestic hard shells and not a whole lot of supply.  Prices have gone up and will continue to increase.  We are seeing firm shell lobsters that are remarkably less expensive than their hard shell counterparts.  
For a less expensive alternative to domestic, Louisiana Blue Crab meat, we are bringing in a fresh lump and jumbo lump product out of Colombia.  This is a quality crab meat, and just like the domestic product, is harvested from the Blue crab.  Inquire with your sales rep.
Fresh Mahi Mahi continues to be limited and extremely expensive.  The CO treated frozen Mahi fillets are an excellent alternative for the time being.