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Wellfleet Select Oysters at $0.85 each!  
Grown and harvested in the estuaries of Wellfleet Harbor, these large oysters offer a medium-high salinity and a crisp finish.  3-3.5 inches in length, this is a steal!
Fresh Pre-cut D-trimmed Chilean Salmon Fillets now available!
For those of you looking for a more economically friendly salmon option, we are currently offering 3-4lb Pre-cut Chilean Salmon Fillets.  These fillets are D-trimmed, which is considered the highest meat-yielding trim.  In other words...you are getting almost all meat and no waste!
Quinault Coho Salmon is now available!
The Wild King Salmon season is coming to a close.  The fish are swimming into the estuaries to mate causing the quality of meat to be sacrificed.  For this reason, we will no longer be bringing in the Alaskan Head-on Troll Kings.  However when one door closes another always opens, and so is the way with fresh fish! The Quinault River Coho Salmon season has begun, and we expect to see strong runs of this species through October.  These special coho salmon are fished along the central coast of the Quinault River by members of the Quinault Indian Nation, which includes the Quinault Indians as well as five other coastal tribes.  All fish are closely monitored, bled and iced immediately after retrieval, and processed at a plant located only minutes away from the river, right on the reservation!  The fish we have in the house right now are 6-9lb each.  We may have larger 9lb + fish available next week.  For information about this product please reach out to your salesman or email us at sales@lobsterplace.com.
Massachusetts Wild Striped Bass Season has officially ended!
The ending of the Wild Striped Bass season in Massachusetts was announced on Sunday night.  While New York and the Mid-Atlantic are open, there have not been many landings and most of the stripers we were seeing were coming from Massachusetts area.  Expect fish to be very limited to unavailable this week.  We will keep you posted!


Hard Shell Lobsters, particularly chix, quarters and halves, are currently very difficult to procure and very expensive.  Closures in Canada and exports to Asia are the main culprits for the shortage.  We can expect product to be tight for the next month, at least.  In response to this shortage, we are bringing in FIRM SHELL LOBSTERS.  Firm Shell lobsters will be automatically substituted for any hard shell orders that cannot be filled.  If you would rather we not substitute your hard shells with firm shells, please let us know by reaching out to your sales rep or emailing us at sales@lobsterplace.com.