Ocean Watch — Tuesday, September 16 September 16 2014 Posted in

Salmon Specials:
2-3lb Atlantic Salmon Fillets (cleaned), Skin-ON @ $5.50/lb
2-3lb Atlantic Salmon Fillets (cleaned), Skin-OFF @ $5.65/lb
4-5lb Pre-cut Chilean Salmon Fillets, Skin-ON, D-Trimmed, PBO @ $5.95/lb
These pre-cut Salmon fillets are Pin-bone-out and D-Trimmed, which gives you a high meat yield.
Wild Striped Bass and Black Sea Bass are both limited and expensive so expect shortages and price increases here for the next week or so.  Red Grouper and Tile Fish are suitable subs for Wild Striped Bass and Red Snapper is an excellent sub for Black Sea Bass.
Fresh Mahi is now available!  Slowly but surely, Mahi Mahi out of Guatemala has begun to trickle back into the market.  Mahi had completely dried up over the summer so we are very pleased to see the return of this treasured and flavorful fish.
Hard-shell lobsters continue to be extremely expensive.  We are bringing in firm-shell quarters and halves for those you who do not necessarily need a hard-shell lobster and would like a more economical option.