Ocean Watch — Tuesday, September 2 September 02 2014 Posted in

Hard Shell Lobsters, particularly chix, quarters and halves, are currently very difficult to procure and very expensive.  Closures in Canada and exports to Asia are the main culprits for the shortage.  We can expect product to be tight for the next month, at least.  In response to this shortage, we are bringing in FIRM SHELL LOBSTERS.  Firm Shell lobsters will be automatically substituted for any hard shell orders that cannot be filled.  If you would rather we not substitute your hard shells with firm shells, please let us know by reaching out to your sales rep or emailing us at sales@lobsterplace.com.

Red Snapper is very limited as not a lot of fish are being landed.  We do have beautiful 2-4 American Reds coming in tomorrow, but we will be out of 1-2 and
4-6 pounders.  Black Sea Bass is an excellent substitute!

The Tuna market has tightened up this week.  It appears that boats are landing a lot of small fish, so loins could be a bit smaller than what you are used to.

Don't forget about our beautiful Fjord Steelhead Ocean Trout from Norway.   This is an excellent fish for both raw and cooked applications.  The meat is fatty and flavorful, very similar to that of the Aurora Salmon.