Lobster Place Wholesale Weekend Update 10/16/15-10/19/15 October 16 2015 Posted in

Here's the latest news from our seafood purchasers to get you ready for the weekend:
We updated our costs this afternoon and current pricing will be in effect from 10/16/15-10/22/15.
The Lobster market remains tight but prices are holding steady and have even gone DOWN on some sizes for the coming week. We're in good shape on all sizes, with plenty of lobsters making their way to our warehouse for delivery this weekend.
We're looking good across the board on North Atlantic Groundfish with plenty of Icelandic Cod, Pollock, Hake, Wild Halibut, Monkfish,and Skate Wing arriving at our warehouse for the weekend.
We're in good shape on Mid-Atlantic Fish with plenty of Wild Striped Bass, Black Bass, Golden Tilefish, Bluefish, Jumbo Fluke, Boston Mackerel, and Porgies coming in tonight and available for delivery this weekend. Landings on Golden Tilefish and Black Bass have improved over the past several days but the best deal coming out of the Mid-Atlantic right now is Wild Striped Bass. Quotas on Wild Striped Bass will definitely start to run up soon so take advantage of the low price while you can!
We'll also be getting a small shot of Atlantic John Dory in tonight that was caught off the coast of Maryland.
We're looking good on Southern Fish for the weekend as well with a solid shot of American Red Snapper, Red Grouper, Fresh Mahi, Spanish Mackerel, and Catfish scheduled to arrive at our warehouse tonight and available for delivery tomorrow. There is a lot of Fresh Mahi being landed down south and the product we've been getting in has been looking spectacular. Even better, prices are wayDOWN on Fresh Mahi and it's one of the best deals in the market right now!
We also got a small shot of Mako Shark in this morning that was caught off the coast of Florida.
We're in good shape on Salmon and Trout with fresh shipments of Wild King Salmon, Wild Coho Salmon, Organic King Salmon, Aurora Salmon, Atlantic Salmon, Scottish Salmon, Organic Fjord Steelhead, Brook Trout, Loch Etive Red Meat Trout, and Arctic Charcoming in tonight and available for delivery this weekend.
We're looking good on Fresh Crabmeat with a solid amount of Fresh Maine All Leg (Peekytoe), Fresh Jonah Combo, Fresh Jonah Cocktail Claws, Fresh Blue Lump, andFresh Blue Jumbo Lump arriving tonight and available for delivery tomorrow.
We started bringing in Vana (broken Uni tongues) recently from Maine and we've been getting some really positive feedback on the product. Vana is a great option for anyone using Uni for sauces, butters, etc. It's sold frozen in 1 LB packs at $16.50/LB. Give it a try and let us know what you think!
Availability on Fresh Dry Peruvian Bay Scallops continues to be spotty and we willNOT have any available for the weekend. Not to worry though, we have plenty of IQF 60-80 CT Bay Scallops on hand and available as a sub until we're able to get more of the fresh product in.
Availability on Steamer Clams has been a bit inconsistent lately but things have gotten back on track over the past few days and we'll havePLENTY on hand for delivery this weekend.
Minced Clams will NOT be available for the weekend. Our supplier has been having some production problems due to lack of raw materials. Best sub for the weekend will beClam Strips.
Razor Clams will NOT be available for the weekend as the tides are still breaking too high up north making it impossible to dig for the clams. The situation should improve by next week when negative tides start to break along the coast and the clammers are able to get back out and harvest razor clams.
Specialty Items that we'll have on hand for the weekend include Live Diver Scallops, Live Maine Sea Urchin, Live California Sea Urchin, Live Periwinkles, Maine Uni, Vana (broken Uni tongues), California Uni, Atlantic John Dory, Fresh Spanish Turbot, Wild King Salmon, Wild Coho Salmon, Fresh Portuguese Sardines, and Tuna Bottarga.
Also looking good for the weekend are Dry Sea Scallops, Steamer Clams, Red Mullet, Fresh Rock Shrimp, Fresh Georgia 16/20 Head-off Shrimp, Fresh Hamachi, Tuna, Swordfish, Fresh Squid, Branzino, Dorade, and Live Oysters