The Lobster Place Seafood Market is an ardent supporter of the Billion Oyster Project, an organization dedicated to restoring New York Harbor oyster beds and educating young people about the ecology and economy of their marine environment. Along with other ongoing efforts, The Lobster Place donates 1,500 lbs. of oyster shells each week, making it one of the program's largest partners.

The Lobster Place also supports the local community in Harlem through donations to the Harlem Children's Zone. This non-profit organization has created an all-encompassing model for breaking the poverty cycle in the finite area of Harlem by addressing all the issues facing its youth: crumbling apartments, drug use, failing schools, violent crime and chronic health problems.


Donation Requests: Please note that the Lobster Place currently concentrates its charitable giving on The Billion Oyster Project and Harlem Children’s Zone. We find that by focusing our resources on a small number of organizations, we are able to have the greatest direct impact on our partners’ missions. As such, our charitable funds are 100% committed at this time. We wish you the best in your fundraising efforts.