Cull [kuhl] – A lobster that has lost one of its claws

PIS·TOL [pis-tl] - A lobster that has lost both claws, usually due to predators.

Cull & Pistol Oyster Bar is the Lobster Place’s first full-service restaurant, located next door to the Lobster Place Seafood Market inside New York’s famed Chelsea Market. Cull & Pistol is quickly becoming a neighborhood staple in Chelsea—known for delivering a truly fresh dining experience that includes an excellent variety of wine, craft beers and cocktails.

The seasonal menu at Cull & Pistol takes full advantage of the remarkably fresh and varied offerings of the Lobster Place—seamlessly marrying New England classics like steamer clam chowder with more elevated fare like miso glazed Hamachi collars.


Get to know us a little better. President and Chief Fishmonger, Ian MacGregor, and his team explain what makes Lobster Place so unique.

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