Since 1974, the MacGregor family has delivered the freshest, highest-quality seafood to the most discerning restaurants and markets. As restaurant, market and wholesaler, we operate from the unique perspective of someone that truly understands your needs and can deliver consistently to your complete satisfaction.


Rod and Joan MacGregor opened Lobster Place on Manhattan’s Upper West Side in 1974, bringing the flavors of the rugged Maine coast to the restaurants and food shoppers of Gotham. Twice a week they’d set out for Portland, Maine in an old pickup truck to make the 16-hour round trip for loads of live lobster. With little more than a tarp and some seaweed to keep the lobster alive, Rod and Joan would race against time to get back to their tiny Amsterdam Storefront with their inventory intact.

Truly embodying the concept of “an honest day’s work” in all they did, Rod and Joan built relationships with their employees, vendors and customers based on integrity. It’s an approach that has endured for over 40 years and through two generations of family ownership.

Nowadays, the many relationships forged by Mr. & Mrs. MacGregor are being carried on by their son, Ian, who took over the company in 2002. Building on the same integrity Rod and Joan brought to doing business; Lobster Place Wholesale Seafood has grown steadily over the years and now offers a rich variety of fresh, live and frozen seafood to the tri-state food service market from its processing facility in Hunts Point, Bronx.

Even as the company has gotten larger and more complex, Rod and Joan’s legacy lives on – treating vendors fairly, valuing and recogniz ing great employees and taking the “long view” of customer relationships.


Get to know us a little better. President and Chief Fishmonger, Ian MacGregor, and his team explain what makes Lobster Place so unique.


Seafood is a challenging protein. Prices and availabilities change every day. It typically doesn’t come in a neatly sealed and labeled box. The opportunities to mislead are endless. Every night our team sets out to bring order to this chaos. We check every morsel that enters our warehouse for quality and freshness. We handle it with care in a pristine facility.

“Attention to Detail” is our forte. We listen carefully and deliver pure satisfaction.