• Over 50 species of fin fish featured.
  • We source locally, nationally and globally, working with docks, dealers and importers throughout the US and Canada.
  • In sourcing, we make quality and freshness our main priority.
  • Whenever possible, we source fish from responsibly managed fisheries and state-of-the-art fish farms whose methods ensure high-quality while minimizing environmental impact.
  • We focus on day-boat and short-trip fish, ensuring that our fish have spent minimal time out of the ocean between catch and delivery.
  • We use ice bags to keep our fish cold during transit, thus minimizing the damaging effects that water and ice have when they come in contact with fish flesh.
  • We employ a team of highly-skilled seafood butchers who prepare your fish to order at no extra charge:
    whole, scaled and gutted, v-cut, butterflied, frenched, filleted with the skin, filleted minus the skin.

 It’s like a night and day. It’s a no-brainer decision to use Lobster Place. Quality & customer service are great.  
Rob Chessin, Senior Purchasing Manager, Pier Sixty / The Lighthouse