• We are one of the largest purveyors of live shellfish—including clams, mussels and oysters—in NYC.
  • We carry over 50 varieties of east coast and west coast oysters from Eastern Canada, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Long Island, Washington State & British Columbia.
  • Our shellfish tagging system is computerized and automated, helping us to ensure you receive all the proper live shellfish documentation with each delivery.
  • We source the best, freshest dry scallops directly from New Bedford, MA and Barnegat Light, NJ – two of the best scalloping ports in the North East.
  • We pack scallops with care, ensuring they arrive unbroken and as fresh as possible.
  • We source fresh Jonah Crab-picked meat and claws from the best processors in Maine and Rhode Island – resulting in superior freshness and quality.
  • We source fresh lump and jumbo blue crab meat from processors in Maryland and Louisiana for the best possible quality.
  • We have a variety of pasteurized crab meats available from China and Indonesia. Excellent value and quality.

 You know your product and are straightforward and polite.  
Chef Kevin Garcia, Morello Bistro