• Shrimp: We feature an incredible array of frozen shrimp from Central America, South East Asia, the Mediterranean and India. Whether it’s head on or head off, block frozen or IQF, we stock the shrimp you’re looking for. If we don’t – we’ll find it.
  • Octopus: Featuring MO Y Brand Portuguese Octopus, Polpetti and baby octopus: these products are truly a cut above.
  • Squid: Whether Fresh Dirty, Frozen Cleaned, Tubes only or T&T; we have a complete line of Squid products, featuring both Fisherman’s Pride and Town Dock brands.
  • Lobster Meat: We have a lobster meat solution for every budget: our own home-made fresh lobster meat (when available), fresh-cooked meat from Boston or Captain Dan’s Brand Frozen Claw, Knuckle and Leg meat. Also, frozen raw lobster in the shell is a great new product from Clearwater Fine Foods.
  • Tobiko & Frozen Specialties: Alongside shrimp, squid, octopus and lobster, our freezer is brimming with specialty items like frozen crawfish meat, conch, frog legs, warm water lobster tails and Asian Tobiko.
  • Smoked Fish: We’ve partnered with small, artisanal Smoked Salmon producers like Catsmo and Samaki, providing a truly unique line of high-quality smoked salmon, trout, whitefish and sturgeon.

 I push all of my friends and especially my cooks to ‘Run over to the Lobster Place!’... They have fun stuff that inspires me that I can work with.  
Executive Chef Anthony Ricco – Spice Market