• We purchase, grade and butcher over 20,000 lbs. of Yellowfin and Bigeye Tuna each month.
  • We apply the strictest grading standards to our tuna– ensuring its color and texture meet the demanding specs of NYC kitchens.
  • We can trace every tuna loin we sell back to its original date of delivery, vendor and country of origin – giving a somewhat unprecedented margin of excellence to your food safety program.
  • Wherever possible, we source domestically harvested sword - fish from the docks of Barnegat Light, New Jersey and Boston, Massachusetts.

  I know that daily, I can depend on a great product coming into my restaurant. For me, the ingredients are the most important part. Everything I get from them is really great. Their tuna is great. Any sashimi-style fish is really great.  
Chef Owner Bill Telepan - Telepan Restaurant